PGME Document Submission Form

Dear Learner,

Welcome to the PGME document and form submission platform! We want to inform you that this site serves as a secure space for uploading essential documents and forms required for registration. All documents and forms uploaded will be used by PGME staff to review and verify registration requirements.

Please enter your personal information and proceed to upload your file(s) by selecting the browse button next to the document and/or form you are trying to upload. Please be patient if you are uploading larger file(s) or if you are experiencing slow internet speeds. Once your documents/forms are ready for submission, you can upload them as they become available and are completed.

Please use the following file formats: We cannot accept password protected documents (Please scan or remove password before uploading).

• Photo: JPEG or JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, bitmap
• Document: PDF, DOC or DOCX

Once you are ready to submit, please complete the CAPTCHA challenge before clicking the “Submit” button to ensure security and authenticity of your submission.

After successful submission, you will be shown confirmation that your upload was successful. Please allow 2 ‐ 5 business days for the document(s) and/or form(s) to be reviewed and entered into your POWER account by PGME staff. Please do not upload duplicates or send documents via e-mail.

Please email if you encounter problems or if your document(s) and/or form(s) have not been updated in POWER after 5 business days.

Thank you for your cooperation.

PGME Registration Staff

Personal Information:

Files for Payroll (Residents Only):
Files for VSS:
Please be sure that the report is scanned in its entirety. PGME must be able to
see your personal information, the results of the VSS check, the date it was
completed, and who completed it (signature, stamp, seal, police badge
number). We cannot accept password protected documents (Please scan or
remove password before uploading)

Files for Immunization:
All immunization forms must be signed by yourself and another healthcare professional.
Your Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella titres should only be reported as Positive, Negative, Reactive, or Non-Reactive.
Please note 3M and Kimberly Clark Masks are the only masks accepted by PGME.
Contact with your questions.

Files for Hospital Health and Safety Policy Module Completion:
Files for UHIP
Work Permit
Please upload a copy of your work permit to the department you are appointed to.
Select the appropriate department from the drop-down list.